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Welcome to PbStyle!

Headband sweepstake's!

Heres how it works. we are mkaing a headband sweepstake's for a headband, you send money to my paypal, and each dollar is a ticket, say you send me 3 dollars, than you have a higher chance of winning, send money to NJlilboy1030@aim.com via paypal, you need to add 3% too, if you win you can pick whatever headband you want!

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Company New's!

  • Visor beanies are on their way!
  • Custom shirts are on their way!
  • Custom wristbands are on their way!
  • Custom Barrel Condoms are on their way!
  • Hopper stickers!
  • Paintball Gun Holder's!
  • 12 different kinds of headbands will be up soon!
  • 3 New headbands up!(in headwear)
  • Sandanas were ordered!
  • Custom sandanas in the works!
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