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About PbStyle


Frequently Asked Questions

How did this company start?

This company started by a guy thinking about getting some more money and helping the paintball industry.

How do I get sponsored?

You can get sponsored by sending us a resume, we sponsor individual players, teams, stores, and fields. Once you fill out the resume E-Mail us at PbStyleInc123@aim.com

When are you getting a better website?

We are goanna get a .com the .com is currently under construction, we are waiting for all of the products to make the website.

Do you guys have a Myspace?

yes we do have a myspace! its www.myspace.com/PbStyleInc

Do you have a forum?

Yes! we have a forum, its



PbStyle is a small buisness that is operated by one guy looking foward to make a little bit more money. We are currently looking for someone who will make logos for cheap and someone with photoshop. If you are interested in becoming a distributer, please e-mail me at PbStyleInc123@aim.com with your name, what your goanna order, and how much your ordering.